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Studio CUBE, the model that best fits the MAGICUBE philosophy

It is an ideal model to accommodate two people, with a formula of room + bathroom

Reasonable price

Technical design

Magicube’s technical designs are configurable according to your needs.

By choosing the design, the interior, the equipment and the finishes you want, you can create the container-house of your dreams.


For this model, MAGICUBE offers well-studied and highly optimised solutions. However, you can customise the basic options according to your preferences or needs.

The entire process in 5 simple steps

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Step 1
Configure your CUBE with our specialists’ assistance.
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Step 2
Receive our quote and if needed, schedule a visit.
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Step 3
Approval and confirmation of the financial part.
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Step 4
Preparation of the terrain for the CUBE installation.
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Step 5
Delivery and installation of the CUBE.
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Basic equipment

The wall-lining system or ventilated façade consists of a load-bearing wall, an insulating layer and cladding fixed to the building on a load-bearing structure. Thanks to this structure, an air gap is created between the load-bearing wall and the cladding material for ventilation.

Knauf Insulation’s mineral glass-wool with ECOSE technology was awarded the Eurofins Air Comfort Indoor GOLD Label in 2010. This means that Knauf Insulation’s glass-wool products meet the highest international requirements for indoor air quality.

For installers, this is a guarantee of safety, performance and durability.

For occupants, it is a guarantee that they will choose a product that meets the most stringent regulatory requirements for indoor air quality.

Discover the thermal performance chart:

Kronotex floor coverings consist of a minimum of four solid layers that guarantee exceptional wear resistance and ensure the flooring’s unique quality.

a) The upper part of the Kronotex floor is covered with a particularly strong protective film, with a wear-resistant resin.

b) A very high-density HDF E1 pressed wood fibre board forms the support.

c) A waterproof protective film inside the support layer prevents moisture from rising and ensures the flooring’s high stability.

d) The selected floors are equipped with an additional layer of sound insulation to reduce resonance.

Sliding doors with a built-in frame:

Single-leaf : a semi-circular frame for sliding doors, which meets the new requirements of contemporary environments, with a highly accomplished design.

Arkimede is available with any curvature radius. Capable of creating a particularly striking aesthetic impact, it consists of a semi-circular lateral frame that houses a curved door. Arkimede is the most aesthetic and functional, elegant and modern model.

Double leaf : Arkimede Double leaf is the semi-circular counter-frame for two sliding doors, responding to the new demands of contemporary environments with a sophisticated design.

Creating a particularly striking aesthetic impact, it is the most functional and elegant model.

  • SOPAL Zarzis taps
  • Hidden Geberit cistern.
  • Duravit WC.
  • SOLID SURFACE, bespoke shower and handbasin

The term Solid Surface refers to a family of high quality materials made from a mixture of natural materials (bauxite), acrylic or polyester resins and pigments.

This type of material is manufactured for its specific properties that combine the solidity and aesthetics:

  • Robust as steel
  • Invisible joint after sanding
  • Easy to maintain as it is homogeneous and non-porous: it resists stains and moisture and repels most bacteria
  • Thermoformable
  • It can be made translucent

It is used for kitchen countertops, wall furniture, bathroom furniture or sinks, since its properties make it suitable for decoration and daily use. It is also used in other commercial applications, such as reception desks.

Kitchen with a solid-surface workbench.

Low consumption LED lighting.

TPR aluminium model 67 grey with Super Silver Security glass.

Air conditioning pre-installation.

TV pre-installation.


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Tel.: +34 96 158 1614



We’ll configure your CUBE however you prefer!

Contact us, so that our advisors can help you configure the cube you need. Without any obligation!

You can choose the design, the equipment, the finishes,… all those details that we know are important.

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